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from the Rosarito Visitor's Guide

Rosarito is the Riviera of Baja Norte.  It is also the newest Municipalidad (read that county-city) in Mexico.  Previously a part of Tijuana, Rosarito won its political independence from Tijuana following a hard fought campaign lasting several years and now encompasses an area that runs from just below San Antonio del Mar to the sandy public beach just south of La Fonda and Hotel La Mision.  The area runs anywhere from 15 to 25 miles inland from the Pacific coast.  The President of the new Municipal Council is C.P. Hugo Torres, owner of the Rosarito Beach Hotel.

Rosarito is probably best known for the Rosarito Beach Hotel which is now in its 70th year of wining, dining and accommodating visitors from the north.  There are miles of sandy beaches, lots of notels (now) and, of course, Puerto Nuevo, which is famous for french-fried lobster.

Additionally, Rosarito is the starting place for two of the world’s largest bicycle rides each year that run to Ensenada, about 50 miles south.

Rosarito has slightly more than 104,000 residents and anywhere from 3,000 to 15,000 North Americans living in the area.  The major industry is tourism although there are growing industries such as MIMIC, a plastic design and fabrication facility, and film making is now making a bid for its place in the Rosarito sun at Popotla where Twentieth Century Fox filmed the epic “Titanic.”

There are two major international social and service clubs in town, the Cruz Roja Voluntarios, which raises funds locally and makes major donations to maintain the Cruz Roja Hospital and to keep the ambulance service running.  The other prestige group in town is the United Society of Baja California (USBC), which contributes to a multitude of good works.  Both groups invite all to their meetings and their membership consists of both Mexicans and Americans.

Rosarito has long been a favorite spot for young Americans on weekends and is an attractive destination due to being only 20 minutes south of the US border.

Rosarito plays host to many events and fairs throughout the year and sits between two professionally designed golf courses; one to the south at Bajamar and the other just north at Real del Mar.

There are many excellent restaurants with specialties ranging from pizza to steak to seafood, and there are an abundance of taco stands to round out the culinary delights for every taste and pocketbook.

Speaking of food, there are buffets on the weekends and cappuccino and fresh bakery goods plus French, Chinese and Continental fare.  Ice cream stores and palapas that serve frozen margaritas stand shoulder to shoulder.  The restaurants alone warrant 30 or 40 trips to Rosarito.

There are horses to be ridden and scooters to rent and lots of Curio Shops plus clothing, furniture, and jewelry stores for every occasion.  Fireworks over the evening surf are common and mariachis combined with Mexican fiestas fill the nights.  Rosarito offers something for everyone and requires a bit of exploring even though it would appear that there is only one street… the side streets offer many delightful moments and hours as there are those out of the way places to discover that make a place particularly endearing.

Ah Rosarito… memories are made of this!


PLAYAS DE ROSARITO are a favorite getaway since the 1920’s, located 15 miles south of the San Ysidro border

SANDY BEACHES are accessed by roads west of Blvd. Juarez in central Rosarito.  And there are more sandy beaches south of Puerto Nuevo.

HORSEBACK RIDING is available in northern and southern Rosarito as well as on some beaches.

PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL (ALBERCA) is located 1 mile east of Quinta del Mar.  Picnic facilities.

RODRIGUEZ PARK  Site of civic and social activities, the Delegacion (Mayor’s Office) and Casa de la Cultura.  Barbecue pits are located on the beaches behind the park.

TOURIST ASSISTANCE is available at Chamber of Commerce (CANACO)

TOURIST & CONVENTION BUREAU (COTUCO) in Quinta Plaza, and the State Attorny for Tourism at the Police Department

SURFING catch the waves south of Rosarito between Kms. 33-36 on the Free (Libre) Road

PUERTO NUEVO  Fishing village at Km. 44 features over 25 “casas” serving their famous lobster dinners

CANTAMAR at Km. 47 features markets, dining facilities, phone, gas station, and access to Tijuana-Ensenada Toll road via a free tollgate

SAND DUNES hang gliders and two & three-wheelers will find Rad Dunes just south of Cantamar