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Puerto Salinas or La Salina (as it is more frequently called) lies approximately half way between the U.S.-Mexican border and Ensenada.  This collection of homes sits on a wide stretch of beach and a large estuary.  The potential for development was just too good to pass up for somebody with deep pockets, and now construction is underway for a very large scale resort.

Puerto Salinas is the name for the grand plan here.  The master plan includes marina-front homes and condos, a hotel, hundreds of boats slip and much more.  When it’s all complete, this will be a premier destination in Baja.  However, since you probably won’t have a gate card to get into this private resort, you may want to visit this beautiful beach now, while it is still accessible to everyone.

La Salina’s biggest claim to fame is its wide beautiful Beach.  From Tijuana to Ensenada and all along Baja’s “gold coast” you won’t find a wider beach, with the possible exception of Rosarito Beach.  Even better yet, the beach here usually has very few people.  Baja travelers from the border to Ensenada are usually on a 2 day mission of non-stop fun, and rarely take the time to stop and smell the cactus in sleepy villages such as La Salina.  That means you will probably have lots of elbow room as you stretch out on the beautiful sandy beach here!

La Salina is still a very relaxing place to get away from it all, and just a short drive up the coast to Rosarito Beach, or down the coast to Ensenada for services, restaurants, and other fun Baja activities!  It is one stop north of the Bajamar resort on the toll road (no tolls are charged for this trip).

Access to the beach is immediately south of the La Salina Bar & Grill.  Parking is available near the bar.  Hot tip:  Looking for a funky place to hang out for an hour or two, and sample a margarita?  The bar at La Salina can be a fun place to order chips and salsa, play a game of pool or darts, or just lounge on the ocean view patio.  The beautiful wide beach is just steps away!

CAUTION:  The Pacific can have strong undertows and occasional rip tides.  Use extreme caution in the ocean especially if there are no lifeguards or posted conditions.


There is a nearby beach resort at Baja Seasons, only 5 Minutes north of Bajamar, with 3.5 miles of clean sandy beach with excellent resort facilities owned and managed by a German.  20,000 square feet clubhouse with large recreation rooms plus game and reading room.  Amenities include:

* Full Service Restaurant And Cantina Lounge (inside/outside):

* Open to Public 7:30 AM - 10:00 PM Daily     Friendly Staff     5-7 PM Happy Hour

* “Best Margaritas in Area” $3 (Full Price); $1.50 (Happy Hour)

* Oceanview Swimming: Pool and Spa

* Ocean Swimming (note caution above about undertows and rip tides)

* Locker rooms: Showers, sauna, and steam room

* Horses (On Beach): $4 for 1/2 Hour

* Tennis: $1/Hour/Racquet (2 lighted courts)

* Pool Table: $2/Person

* Miniature Golf and Putting Green: $2

* Volleyball Court

* Horseshoe Pit

* Convenience Store

Directions to Baja Seasons: there is a direct exit from the toll road into Baja Seasons Resort just north of the La Salina exit.  However, the exit is from the toll road’s southbound lane only.  So, if you are traveling from Bajamar, go two exits north to La Mision (also “ALISOTIS”) and then double back heading south.  No tolls on the toll road.  In order to control access to this resort, there is a gated entry.  The management occasionally charges a $5.00 entrance fee to visitors.  The fee is usually waived if you plan to use the restaurant or lounge.  If, however, you ever have to pay, just tell me and I’ll happily refund the total amount with your returned deposit.