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  1. 1.Follow I-5 South directly to the border.

  2. 2.For provisioning, consider the Palm/Imperial Beach Exit near the border.  Exit west with two right turns into a shopping center with a large Vons supermarket.

  3. 3.As you approach the border, avoid the fast-moving far left lane.  It’s a U turn back north.  If you get a red light at border crossing, you must pull to the right for a “Secondary Inspection.”  Customs Official will direct you.  You rarely get a red light.  No guns or ammo allowed!

  4. 4.If you haven’t already purchased Mexican liability insurance for your car, do so right after you cross the border.  (Avis, Hertz, and Enterprise will sell Mexican insurance at time of rental).  You DO NOT need to buy pesos.

  5. 5.New Route:  Just past the insurance places, take the second right (follow the green sign “Ensenada/Rosarito Scenic Route”).  NOTE: If you miss the turn off, try the following (which is no longer marked by “Scenic Route” signs).  As soon as you can, get into the third lane from the left.  After a few blocks, there is a two lane left split-off marked “Centro” which you DO NOT TAKE.  But very shortly thereafter there is another single lane left split-off which you do take.  It comes up immediately after the Centro split-off.  You will go into a long helix type left circle.  Stay left.  You should end upon on the same road as above.

  6. 6.You’ll proceed along the border (big metal fence on your right) for several miles. About five miles further, you’ll take the right split toward “Bajamar” and “Rosarito/Ensenada (Cuota).”

  7. 7.After the top of hill, bear left towards Rosarito/Ensenada

  8. 8.There are two tollbooths along the way to Bajamar.  They take 22 pesos or $2.20 at each.  (The fares sometimes change.)  Pay in one currency, dollars or pesos.

  9. 9.The Bajamar exit off the Tollroad is just south of La Mision and La Salina.  It is marked “Jatay” and “Bajamar.”  Bajamar is about 17 miles (28 kilometers) north of Ensenada.

  10. 10.At the entry gate, mention that you are a Visitor to “Edificio La Serena” (the condo building) OR to “Mision San Diego” (Villa Poseidon is #6057). The guard may or may not give you a Visitor Pass to display on your dashboard.

  11. 11.Go to the right on the Circular Red Brick Main Boulevard and follow it in a big counterclockwise circle for about two miles.  For Villa Poseidon, take a right turn just before the first completed housing development on the right very near the Circular Main Boulevard.  Follow that road to the bluff.  Villa Poseidon is about eleven houses down, at 6057, just beyond two vacant lots.  For La Serena (#101/#102), continue on the Boulevard past the above turn off until you come to La Serena, the only completed six story building at Bajamar, near the Whale's Tail Restaurant and Shop (on the right) and just before the hotel (on the left).


  1. If you miss a turn along the outskirts of Tijuana or if you end up in downtown Tijuana, just drive until you see signs toward Rosarito, Ensenada, Playas, Cuota, Hwy #1, or Bajamar.  Or ask by mentioning Rosarito or Ensenada.

  2. If you start out on the free road (“Libre”), transfer to the CUOTA (toll) at your first opportunity.  The CUOTA by-passes downtown Rosarito.

  3. If you decide to stay on the free road, you must transfer to Cuota at La Mision in order to get to Bajamar.  The free road goes inland from La Mision to Ensenada

  4. You can’t get too lost if you keep the coast on your right!


  1. 1.Follow signs to “Tijuana.”  About 1.5 miles after the second tollbooth, you will go up a long hill and cross a bridge.  Right after the bridge, take the right exit marked “San Diego, I-5, USA.”  The main road (which you don’t take) goes on to “Centro.”  The turn to San Diego is a simple, right exit, 270 degree cloverleaf.  Sometimes, construction on this ramp causes a detour, so keep your eyes out for detour signs - look for a possible "San Diego, USA, I-5" exit sign just before the bridge.  This unmarked detour will be a right turn down the hill AWAY from the border; at the bottom is a traffic light and then an immediate U-TURN after the light - this u-turn will lead you back up the hill towards the border.

    (NOTE:  If you miss the San Diego turn-off after the bridge, don’t panic.  You’ll be on “Benito Juarez” which goes right through the center of Tijuana and eventually becomes the road to San Diego.)

  2. 2.Then just follow the San Diego signs.  The border will be on your left as you go down a long hill and enter the edge of downtown Tijuana.  In downtown, just before the only stop light on this road, veer to the right following the San Diego / I-5 signs and then, in one block, go back to the left.  Follow the signs to the border.

  3. 3.The diamond ® lanes on the right near the border are marked for High Occupancy Vehicles (3 or more people) on weekdays, 5 a.m.-10 p.m.  When you have 3 or more people or on the weekends, use these HOV lanes.  They’re FASTER.  (They split off to the right of the souvenir shops.)  TIP: We’ve been told that the 3 person limit is not actually enforced at any time.  But don’t risk a fine unless you are tight on time.

  4. 4.There are about 25 lanes at the border, so don’t panic when you see the back-up; it usually moves reasonably fast.  Normal wait is 25 minutes.  Once in awhile, weekend or holiday waits have exceeded an hour and a half!  Give yourself plenty of time if you’re catching a plane.  (You can always spend some time in beautiful Coronado if you get through the border quickly).  NOTE:  Occasional delays of up to 3 hours on holiday weekends have been reported since 9/11/01.

  5. 5.You should have a passport.  The questions are:  What is your citizenship?  What are you bringing back?  Where have you been?  For how long?